Why Choose WordFrog Inc.
Over a Translation Agency?

Agencies typically assign projects to freelancers posting the lowest bid. Consequently, you are paying a full rate without having any idea of the translator’s experience level. In working directly with Mélanie and her team of third-party revisers, you will obtain a precise and well-informed translation without ever having to pay the “middleman”.

Industry/Technical Knowledge

WordFrog Inc. does not simply translate source materials – various contextual factors are taken into account, including industry jargon, government-standardized terminology, retailer standards and the specific application of the deliverable documents.


When working with a large translation agency, a customer runs the risk of receiving inconsistent or sub-standard deliverables. Unlike WordFrog Inc., major agencies have freelancers bid on jobs to lower their costs as much as possible. This can result in a lower quality translation, with the cost savings purely benefiting the translation agency.


With WordFrog Inc., the client essentially cuts out the ‘middleman’. No freelancers ever bid on jobs, and every contributor receives a fair rate for their work.


The vast majority of translations are performed by Melanie Bernier and subsequently proofread by one of three Quebec-based revisers. All deliverables are checked for grammar, client and industry-specific terminology, context and compliance.
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