French Translation for Cannabis Companies

Canada is the brink of an exciting cultural and societal shift with imminent recreational cannabis legalization in summer 2018. Cannabis use among adults is on the rise in Canada with 18% of Canadians reporting using cannabis within the last year, and over 15% of Quebecers reporting enjoying the soon-to-be legalized substance.

Quebec and other French-speaking communities are preparing their regulations for legal recreational cannabis, with many French-speaking provinces gaining licenses for distribution and sales in Canada. Many activities around legal cannabis will require cannabis businesses to present their information and cannabis education to Canadians in both English and French.

WordFrog Inc. can fully guide cannabis companies in their entry into the bilingual Canadian market. Our cannabis industry translation services include:

  • French translation of cannabis packaging
  • French translation of cannabis websites
  • French translation of cannabis marketing materials
  • French translation of cannabis education materials
  • Cannabis packaging regulation consultations
  • French translation of legal documents and proposals related to cannabis

WordFrog Inc. works closely with a cannabis industry consultation company, CannaWrite, in order to deliver bilingual content that is compliant with French cannabis terminology. Clients looking for an all-inclusive bilingual content creator may take advantage of CannaWrite and WordFrog’s partnership for both the writing and subsequent translation of English and French cannabis materials. For more information on CannaWrite, please visit