Transcription and French Video Subtitling Services

Consumer-facing video is increasingly being used on visual social media channels, and companies are choosing to use animated videos to convey brand message and provide instructions.

For companies aiming to reach a bilingual audience, one downside of using video is the cost associated with producing a separate version for each language. WordFrog Inc. offers a cost-effective solution to businesses facing this dilemma. Through French video subtitling, we can transform any video into a bilingual promotional tool with as little or as much involvement from the original video producer as desired.

WordFrog’s video service offerings include but are not limited to timestamped subtitles, side-by-side transcription and translation for use by video producers, and full subtitling services using video software. In order to increase readability, we make great efforts to ensure that the French translation remains short and to-the-point. We have aided clients in the production of the following media:

  • Bilingual promotional videos
  • Bilingual infographic videos
  • Videos with French subtitles
  • Videos with French voiceover
  • Bilingual corporate training videos
  • Bilingual evidence for legal cases

We also offer French audio transcription of French-language interviews, for use in legal proceedings or research studies. Depending on preference, clients may choose a “cleaned-up” version of their audio or video transcription for promotional use, or a verbatim (word-for-word) transcription suitable for legal use.

Contact us today to discuss your French video and audio transcription needs, or send us your media file for a detailed quote.