French Translation Services

WordFrog Inc. offers French document translation services to companies in a number of industries, with various needs and volumes of bilingual content. We help our clients communicate effectively in both official Canadian languages through the following bilingual content:

  • Websites
  • Marketing copy
  • Product packaging and manuals
  • Brochures
  • Legal documents and contracts
  • Proposals
  • Employment documents
  • Emails and communications

In order to provide highly accurate French translations, we follow a three-step process that includes industry research to establish a terminology base, a fully human-done translation, and a final proofreading by a Quebec-based reviser to ensure the accuracy of our dialect. Since we are a relatively small team as opposed to a large translation agency, you receive a highly personalized service and documents are always handled by the same qualified professionals.

WordFrog Inc. has the capacity to handle high-volume translations as well as rush requests. Existing and potential clients may request a quote at any time, free of charge. Although we are located in the EST time zone, we do everything in our power to accommodate your project schedule, so long as it is a reasonable timeline to deliver a high quality French translation.

As of 2018, we are offering bilingual packaging services to companies in the cannabis industry. For more information, please see French Translation for Cannabis Companies.