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What Are The Potential Negative Impacts of Poor Business Translation?

Companies with an international reach rely on business translation every day. Whether the services are for internal communications or marketing materials, translation keeps messages consistent and accurate. If a company doesn’t prioritize it, the negative impacts could be severe.

Poor business translation can result in many financial consequences, a loss of respect within the industry, and an inability to meet internal company goals.

It Can Lead To Internal Miscommunication

If you’re a company with a global clientele and need to communicate with employees around the world, translation services are integral to doing business. They help all employees have a shared business translationunderstanding of the company’s goals and vision, as well as their place in achieving them. Employees who don’t understand internal communications can’t help a company achieve its external goals – and might be unable to see where they stand concerning these goals in the first place. They may also find that exclusive terminology is inconsistent, hindering their ability to put out timely messages.

By choosing a professional translation service for all internal communications, a company gets consistency across all materials and a higher degree of quality control. A reliable translation company will compile a terminology style guide to use when writing and editing all documents. 


It Can Harm A Company’s Reputation

If you’re a bilingual company or one that services a region that speaks a different language, translation services must be considered an integral part of communication. If a communications team does not take it seriously, they can seriously risk their company’s reputation and lead to a loss of credibility. Poor translations and those with many mistakes can make a business look foolish and unprofessional in front of stakeholders and audiences. 

More than that, unclear or inconsistent business translations show that a company doesn’t take details seriously. This impact on a reputation is enough to cause potential stakeholders and audiences to search for other businesses. A good reputation can separate a company from the competition, and translated material should be considered essential to this character. 

Word spreads, even internationally. Once an industry regards a company as unprofessional, other global accounts will likely not want to do business with an organization that doesn’t take their markets seriously. But this isn’t the only negative impact poor business translation can have on a bottom line.  


Major Financial Losses

Debuting a product or service in a new region is a major investment, and every company wants it to go well. As part of any roll-out, translation services tailored to individual markets should be considered essential. If product labels, marketing materials, and advertisements 

A professional translator can also ensure that taglines, product names, and marketing materials do not sound amusing or offensive in another language. Everyone has heard a hilarious story or two about a company pulling a product because the translation of the name was crude or silly in another language – it’s not funny to a company with millions of dollars on the line!

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