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Are you looking for help to create bilingual documents, marketing materials, and instructional videos for your company? Do you need guidance on product packaging to prepare your product for the Canadian market? Through translation, consultation and media services, WordFrog’s small team of language and packaging compliance experts can help you effectively reach all segments of the Canadian market!

Document Translation

WordFrog Inc. offers French document translation services to companies in a number of industries, with various needs and volumes of content. We help our clients communicate effectively in both official Canadian languages through the following bilingual content:

Product packaging and user manuals, websites, marketing copy, brochures, legal documents and contracts, proposals, external and internal corporate communications

Our process includes industry research to establish a terminology base, translation by an experienced translator, and final proofreading by a reviser in Québec to ensure the accuracy of our final product. Since we are a small team as opposed to a large translation agency, your documents will always be handled by the same small group of qualified professionals.

Packaging Compliance

We offer regulatory compliance check services to manufacturers and distributors entering the Canadian market. Our comprehensive compliance report is a cost-effective way to prevent reprints and reduce the number of edits made to packaging designs. For as little as $75, our report covers essential product information, unit conversion, font size, layout and more.

We have experience with product labels from all industries, including food products, cannabis, hardware, chemicals and agricultural products.

Click here for detailed information on our Canadian packaging compliance services.

Subtitling + Transcription

We offer all-inclusive video subtitling and audio transcription services to create bilingual commercials, instructional videos, corporate presentations, legal interviews, documentaries and more.

We can provide subtitles and/or audio transcriptions in a Word file for your video editors, or a final video file edited in Adobe Premiere.

Click here for detailed information on our video subtitling and audio transcription services.

Other Languages

In addition to French, our team of freelancers includes translators, revisers and formatters specialized in Spanish, Arabic and various other languages available upon request.

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