Canadian Packaging Compliance

experience with product labels from all industries, including food products, cannabis, hardware,
chemicals and agricultural products.

Are you a manufacturer or graphic designer in the process of creating or modifying a packaging design for the Canadian market? Do you have some hesitation or uncertainty when it comes to bilingual packaging regulations and want to avoid costly mistakes and oversights?

We offer a unique bilingual packaging compliance consultation service to Canadian manufacturers and companies entering the Canadian market.

Our consultation service includes a full report on existing packaging artwork, and covers the following points:
  • Layout 
  • Mandatory/optional bilingual information 
  • Font sizing 
  • Nutrition labels (including appropriate format) and other product-specific information 
  • Product identity 
  • Units of measure and quantity declaration
  • Manufacturer information

Our packaging compliance reports range from $49 to $149 per product, depending on the volume of words in the design.

Professional Bilingual Packaging Design

We can help you feel confident that your packaging design will be approved and accepted by major Canadian retailers!
Perhaps you are facing the most challenging part of bilingual packaging design – fitting double the amount of text without making the packaging look overcrowded or unappealing.

We can help you determine what is required to be presented in both languages, and what is optional. If you are looking for guidance before commencing the design process, we can provide you with information on bilingual packaging regulations and help you with creating a design that contains all of the mandatory bilingual elements, without losing its visual integrity.

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