Canadian Packaging Design

Essential product information, unit conversion, font size, layout and more!

WordFrog Inc. offers packaging design services to small businesses entering the Canadian and/or American markets. In addition to our expertise in packaging regulations, our small team of both highly experienced and grassroots freelance packaging designers is the perfect fit for local companies and start-ups.

Not only do we create visually appealing bilingual packaging, we ensure that all regulatory requirements for the Canadian market are met from the very start.

How does this specifically benefit your small business? Most important are the significant time and cost savings of avoiding future reprints and modifications to meet retailer requirements.

Quality Canadian Packaging Design

We ensure that you meet compliance in the following areas:

  • Essential and non-essential bilingual copy
  • Unit conversion
  • Font size and proportions
  • Layout
  • Warnings
  • Legality of product claims
  • Ingredient claims
  • Nutrition panel formats
  • Allergen claims
  • Industry-specific exemptions
  • Design considerations for bilingual packaging

If you require packaging design services for your new or existing product, our small team can help you create eye-catching packaging at an affordable price as we build our portfolio. We love helping new entrepreneurs and small businesses!

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