Document Translation

Product packaging and user manuals, websites, marketing copy, brochures, legal documents and contracts,
proposals, external and internal corporate communications

WordFrog Inc. offers French document translation services to companies in a number of industries, with various needs and volumes of content. We help our clients communicate effectively in both official Canadian languages through the following bilingual content:

  • Corporate documents
  • Safety campaigns and presentations
  • Websites
  • Catalogues and sell sheets
  • Corporate videos
  • Marketing copy
  • Brochures
  • Legal documents and contracts
  • Proposals
  • External and internal corporate communications

*Now offering Spanish translation services!*

Please note that we do not currently offer certified translations of certificates, immigration documents or personal documents. For these types of services, please refer to the ATIO directory.

Our Process

Our process includes industry research to establish a terminology base, translation by an experienced translator, and a final proofreading by a reviser in Québec to ensure the accuracy of our final product.

Since we are a small team as opposed to a large translation agency, your documents will always be handled by the same small group of qualified professionals. Our core freelance team is composed of Canadians with prior experience as contract, government, and in-house corporate translators, all with different backgrounds, strengths, and skill sets.

Whether you require accurate, well-researched technical translations for your corporate documents or creative translations for your bilingual product packaging, we can help you successfully communicate with your multilingual audience.

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