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Professional Arabic Language Services including Arabic Translation for Documents.
Get a Certified Translation From An Arabic Language Translation Company!

WordFrog Inc. offers the highest-quality Arabic translation services for a wide range of business and personal needs. Our team of expert, certified Arabic translation freelancers covers internal and external corporate documents, campaigns, videos and presentations, marketing copy, websites, catalogues and sell sheets, and business proposals!

  • Corporate documents
  • Safety campaigns and presentations
  • Websites
  • Catalogues and sell sheets
  • Corporate videos
  • Marketing copy
  • Brochures
  • Legal documents and contracts
  • Proposals
  • External and internal corporate communications

Why Are Certified Arabic Translation Services Necessary In Canada?

Arabic is one of the most widely-spoken non-official languages in Canada, with more than 400,000 speakers across the country. These speakers come to our nation or are the descendants of immigrants from over 25 countries across Africa and the Middle East. While many people speak this beautiful language using unique dialects, much of the Arabic-speaking population speaks, reads, and writes in Modern Standard Arabic.

It’s important to be able to reach these speakers, both at home and abroad. Online sales and websites are turning the entire globe into a marketplace, and for businesses looking to reach new targets in Asia and Africa, it’s important to have high-quality translations made for your Arabic audience! Any company that offers financial services, medical services, and/or technical training is well-served by having documents, products, and services in Modern Standard Arabic.

Certified English To Arabic Translation Services With WordFrog

Translation can increase business and help you appeal to a wider audience. So when you need something in Arabic, you need it quickly! WordFrog has a team of high-quality, certified Arabic translators who can handle a wide range of tasks and deliver your documents accurately and when you need them. These including:

Document Translation: Our Arabic translation services cover product packaging and user manuals, marketing copy, brochures, proposals, corporate communications, and website translation. All our services include industry research to build the right “style guide” of proper terminology, as well as final proofreading by a reviser and formatter who knows the Arabic language.

Subtitling And Transcription: Our all-inclusive video subtitling and audio transcription services help clients create translations for commercials, instructional videos, human resources and other office presentations, legal interviews, and documentaries into Modern Standard Arabic. We'll include the subtitles or audio transcriptions in the file formats your team needs, or as a final video file edited in Adobe Premiere. 

You can trust the WordFrog team to translate your documents accurately and with the right formatting. If you have sensitive documents in need of translating, we conduct all business with professionalism and discretion. 

Work With WordFrog’s Team Of Certified Arabic Translators

If you’re going to translate your documents, packaging, or videos into the Arabic language, you have to know that the words and syntax you get back is accurate. Trust these services to a team that not only knows the language, but understands and respects how it’s spoken - trust WordFrog!

Owner and head translator Mélanie Bernier oversees a team that can take your English and turn it into Arabic. She knows how translation works in relation to government compliance and graphic design logistics; with this professionalism, she has built an outstanding reputation. Her expert team of Arabic translation freelancers helps companies with product packaging, proofreading, user manuals, and corporate communications. This makes WordFrog the best choice for translating information related to employment documents, agriculture, and medical and dental services into Arabic!

Please note that we do not currently offer certified Arabic translations of certificates, immigration documents or personal documents. For these types of services, please refer to the ATIO directory.

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