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Numerical Quantity Font Rule

Quantity Number Font

As a Canadian packaging compliance specialist and French translator, I see Canadian product packaging from a number of industries every single day. Despite this, there are still subtle rules that manage to surprise me. Take for example the numerical quantity font rule. As a graphic ...
Canadian Packaging Compliance Guide

What is the Product Identifier for Compliant Canadian Packaging?

No matter what kind of product you sell in any capacity in Canada, the number one legal requirement for packaging in Canada is the presence of a bilingual product identifier. But what exactly is a product identifier for Canadian packaging, and how is it different ...

What Goes Into Language Translation Pricing?

Before sending a document to a company, most clients want to know how much they will be spending on translation services. Five main factors go into the pricing of language translation: length, complexity, source-target pair, deadlines, and expertise. The Number of Words The biggest impact ...
source language

What Does Source Language Mean In The Translation Industry?

The translation industry comes with many unique terms; one of the more common ones is "source language." It's something we use for every piece that comes through WordFrog, but what does this mean? How do source languages influence the final work we return to clients ...
business translation

What Are The Potential Negative Impacts of Poor Business Translation?

Companies with an international reach rely on business translation every day. Whether the services are for internal communications or marketing materials, translation keeps messages consistent and accurate. If a company doesn't prioritize it, the negative impacts could be severe. Poor business translation can result in ...
language translator

What Are The Main Types Of Language Translators?

Most people think of translation as turning a text from one language to another, but it's much more complicated than that. We can split translation into different types of services that take into account a text's context, terminology, structure, and other factors. The main types ...
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