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What Are The Main Types Of Language Translators?

Most people think of translation as turning a text from one language to another, but it’s much more complicated than that. We can split translation into different types of services that take into account a text’s context, terminology, structure, and other factors. The main types are: 

  • Technical translation
  • Legal translation
  • Medical translation
  • Packaging and compliance
  • Website translation
  • Subtitling, transcription, and voiceover work

Technical Translation

Technical translation involves industry-specific documents, such as user manuals, instructions, financial reports, meeting minutes, and more. It can refer more broadly to technical languagedocumentation such as electronics and technology, mechanics, engineering, and industrial documents in general.

These documents target a precise and limited audience, and they are heavy in instructions, specialized terms, and other types of text that can’t rely on straight translation. Technical translation requires a knowledge of the specific terminology used in the sector of the source text.


Legal Translation

Legal translation services cover a wide range of documents, such as summons and warrants, administrative texts like registration certificates, corporate statutes and remittance drafts, technical reports, and the minutes of court proceedings. This branch of translation is very complex but important, as even minor errors can cause potential lawsuits and legal exposure. This can add more time and cost to the process and damage the reputations of 


Medical Translation

Medical translations are both customer-facing and product-related content, such as safety documentation, medical consent forms, instructions, clinical documentation, contracts and patents, packages and labels, datasheets, and product catalo

gues. They cover medication and chemical details, as well as medical terminology specific to the region. Each country has specifications for medical devices, and professional translators are best equipped to handle these differences and requirements.


Packaging Compliance And Design

To bring a product or service to different markets, packages must be properly translated to meet regional laws and requirements, as well as appeal to the local population. These services include product packaging, marketing copy, brochures, business proposals, corporate documents, and internal communications. In Canada, the bilingual packaging requirements demand that all mandatory information must be in both English and French.

After the commercial copy is translated, the text might be considerably longer or shorter than the original. Another service that is crucial to making sure your packaging is compliant is design. On top of including the mandatory translated sections, this is the final layout, font sizing, product-specific information and identity, units of measure and quantity declaration, and any necessary manufacturer information.


Website Translation

Much like packaging, website translation is a specific style of content. Many websites use short, snappy sentences and paragraphs that don’t bog down the reader with too much information. The translations have to reflect this while also addressing the cultural nuances that come with visitors from around the world – currency, date and address formats, and even linguistic rhythm must be taken into account! 


Subtitling, Transcription & Voiceover

Subtitling, transcription and voiceover translation take what’s said in a video file and create bilingual or multilingual products. These are necessary services for companies who don’t have the time or budget to produce separate videos for every language, saving them both time, resources and money. Subtitling, translation, and voiceover services can serve commercials, promotional spots, tutorials, corporate safety modules and any other type of video!

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