Canadian Packaging Compliance Assessments

Manufacturers and distributors that choose to sell their products in Canada are subject to packaging requirements and regulations that include the inclusion of French copy.

WordFrog Inc. offers not only comprehensive French packaging translation services, but also Canadian bilingual packaging requirement consultations. Our objective is to bring your existing packaging into compliance with French Canadian packaging rules, while taking care not to clutter your design. This is done by limiting the length of the French copy (by nature, French translations tends to be considerably longer than the source text) and by omitting certain non-essential copy from the translation.

In addition to French packaging translation, we conduct a full search of similar products available at major retailers such as Canadian Tire, Walmart Canada, Home Hardware, and more. We use this information to build a terminology base that closely matches industry standards.

Why have my Canadian product packaging assessed?

Fewer Reprints

By doing it right the first time, you save the hassle, time and money associated with packaging reprints.

Quicker Acceptance by Retailers

Large Canadian retailers are more likely to order on-the-spot if your product packaging is compliant with government regulations and retailer-specific terminology.

A Professional Image

Customers are more likely to trust a professionally-packaged product, thus increasing sales and opening up doors with larger retailers.

Increased Scalability

Future-proof your product by having mass market-ready packaging from the very start. A small upfront investment could prevent delays and missed opportunities as your company grows.


What is provided with our Canadian packaging assessment?

Detailed Checklist

You are provided with a PDF checklist, where you will see if your product complies with the following requirements:

  • Essential bilingual copy (product identity, etc.)
  • Non-essential bilingual copy (company info, addit
  • Listed quantity
  • Design elements (type face, display surfaces, etc.)
  • Exclusions/exceptions on certain product types

Additional Consultation

We provide retailer and industry-specific research and consultation services for Canadian packaging and product proposals. We can ensure that your packaging and copy matches the terminology used by the retailers to which you present your product.

Translation and/or Revision

With all of our Canadian packaging assessments, we review the existing English and French copy, and provide corrections and translations if needed.


As of 2018, we are offering bilingual packaging services to companies in the cannabis industry. For more information, please see French Translation for Cannabis Companies.