Five Tips for Improving Your Canadian Bilingual Product Packaging

Today’s oversaturated market is one that rewards innovation and variety. How can you maximize your chances of being chosen both initially and subsequently by a highly-informed consumer base? Shoppers are naturally attracted to professional packaging, and they tend to repurchase when their experience has been pleasant and easy. If you are just launching your product or experiencing a sales plateau, focus your efforts on the following areas before allocating time and financial resources to costlier solutions.

Diversify for Future Markets

I can’t tell you how many businesses come to me in a panic when a supplier expresses interest in the Quebec market. Redesigning packaging for a multilingual consumer base both correctly and according to regulations takes time, and even the smallest error can be a deal breaker for resellers and buyers. Get it done before they ask for it. Optimize your packaging not only for your current market, but also for the markets that you wish to access.

Delete The Fluff

Once you have achieved your ideal packaging copy, reread and tweak it again. Most people are long-winded in their writing, while consumers are looking for straightforward answers. Take a minimalist approach – even the majority final drafts can be cut down by half.

Make Yourself Clear

Information is so easy to come by these days, and a poorly-equipped website can turn a “maybe” into a “no” in a matter of seconds. If consumers do not find the information they are after, there are countless other companies who will offer it to them.

Show Them How It’s Done

Don’t provide your consumers with an IKEA-style user manual. A bad product experience will be clearly reflected through online reviews or word-of-mouth. A good customer experience does not end at the “Order” button.

Make It About Them

Sell your product according to its benefits for the consumer. The reason to purchase may be obvious to you, but keep in mind that you live and breathe your product!

Eye-opening exercise: Write everything you can about your product, including its features, benefits, and ideal user. Take a good look at your draft, and cut it down by at least 50%. Can you confidently say that your packaging, website and marketing campaigns are focused on these assets?

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